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Texas Scorecard 4/7/22

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Good morning,

Today’s edition is full of Democrats behaving badly… even for Democrats.

But first, some encouraging news from Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick leads the Texas Minute for Thursday, April 7, 2022.


 Michael Quinn Sullivan 

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Dan Patrick is Done Funding Woke Corporations

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Democrat D.A. Protects Cop Who Assaulted Conservative Reporter

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https://blast.texasscorecard.com/t/d-l-fvzjl-tltulkjuih-o/&source=gmail&ust=1649424311525000&usg=AOvVaw38vKYGceMiA5FjD87swp5 F">http://i4.cmail19.com/ei/d/EF/5A8/448/111042/csfinal/D48A60A5-BE9C-40B0-8DD3-AE5FAFE28473-990145028a01453c.jpe g" alt="#DecisionTexas" width="121" />

Democrat Drops Out

http://i5.cmail19.com/ei/d/EF/5A8/448/111042/csfinal/dividerimage-99079e000005143c.pn g" alt="" width="406" />

Incestuous Dealings In Harris County

http://i6.cmail19.com/ei/d/EF/5A8/448/111042/csfinal/dividerimage-99079e000005143c.pn g" alt="" width="406" />

Judge Admonishes Round Rock ISD ‘Bad Faith Five’

  • Since last year, the “safe and suburban” Round Rock ISD, located just north of Austin, has been a major hotspot in the statewide and national conflict between parents and public schools. The superintendent, Hafedh Azaiez, has been protected by five school board members for allegedly ordering his mistress to have an abortion and then physically assaulting her when she talked about it.

  • The ‘Bad Faith Five’ – as trustees Amber Feller, Tiffanie Harrison, Amy Weir, Jun Xiao, and Cory Vessa, have come to be known around Round Rock – were https://blast.texasscorecard.com/t/d-l-fvzjl-tltulkjuih-m/&source=gmail&ust=1649424311525000&usg=AOvVaw0blE1tjAgVUx5vRYDiNWN j">admonished by a district judge for their failure to set a good example in the school community.
  • The criticism came as the judge dismissed a lawsuit brought by pro-transparency trustees Dr. Mary Bone and Danielle Weston against the district. The judge said she did not dismiss the case on its merit, but because state law deprived her of jurisdiction over the matter.
http://i7.cmail19.com/ei/d/EF/5A8/448/111042/csfinal/dividerimage-99079e000005143c.pn g" alt="" width="406" />

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