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Paxton: Abortion is Illegal In Texas

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Here is the Texas Minute for Thursday, June 30, 2022.


 Michael Quinn Sullivan g" alt="" width="406" />

Paxton: Abortion is Illegal In Texas g" alt="" width="406" />

Bexar County Sheriff Won’t Enforce Abortion Laws…

  • Following the Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade last week, Bexar County Sheriff Javier Salazar, a Democrat, has announced his department will not investigate reports of illegal abortions being committed. g">Jake Peterson has the details.
  • “As their Sheriff, it is absolutely none of my business,” said Salazar. “I will not persecute Texas women or anyone else pursuing those same rights.”
  • Persecute? Really? Sheriffs are supposed to uphold the law by conducting investigations. Is Salazar admitting his office regularly abuses his power to actually persecute people? g" alt="" width="406" />

Will Taxpayers Fund The Aiding And Abetting Of Illegal Abortions g" alt="" width="406" />

Parent: McKinney ISD Wants To Silence, Intimidate Taxpayers g" alt="" width="406" />

Crouch Fights Back

  • After helping tens of thousands of homeowners fight their rising property taxes – for free – North Texas realtor Chandler Crouch has found himself and his freedom of speech the target of apparent revenge by a local government bureaucrat, Randall Armstrong. 
  • Armstrong has been the director of residential appraisal at the Tarrant Appraisal District… and he apparently didn’t like Crouch’s success in helping citizens lower their tax bills. As Scorecard previously reported, Armstrong began filing complaints against Crouch with the state agency that oversees real estate licenses. The petty abusiveness is appalling, which might be why the TAD board of directors is reportedly meeting later today to discuss firing Armstrong and his boss, Chief Appraiser Jeff Law.
  • Texas Scorecard’s Robert Montoya made 3">multiple attempts to contact Armstrong for comment. He declined, citing “an ongoing matter in the office” and saying, “I just prefer not to make any comments about anything.”
  • Crouch, though, has been speaking out. 3">Check out Robert Montoya’s report to learn why fighting back is always the right course of action. g" alt="" width="406" />

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