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200 Yard 7MM Magnum and .224 Valkyrie range time

R. G. Jones
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Took two rifles, Browning 7MM mag A Bolt stainless and .224 valkyrie Radical 20" stainless barrel, to the Terrell Rifle and Pistol Club. Had to adjust both scopes to the 200 yard distance and then tried a couple of different ammo loads. The 7MM has a Redfield 3-9X50 30 year old scope and was quite different than I was use to for the 200 yard range. The 224 was great with its Vortex scope and really is going to turn out to be one of my favorites at a longer distance.

IMG 6512[1]
IMG 6504[1]
IMG 6513[1]
IMG 6510[1]
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