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Dear Randy

We are excited to announce that our TV show "Getaway to Africa" has been launched on the Sportsman Channel since April the 1st. It will be on air every Saturday (9pm ET), Wednesday (8:30am ET) and Friday (1pm ET).

The show is hosted by Kaiwhai Safaris and shows 4 hunters in Africa hunting plains game on our ranch in Namibia. The first season of the show will air for 13 weeks and includes over 20 stalks with kill shots!! It will showcase our typical spot and stalk hunts and also has a lot of footage of the typical terrain and the lodges we stay in.

Click here to see a short teaser of the show! x">

We are busy filming the next 2 seasons that will air later this year. Should you wish to be on the show, we have 2 spots open this year that we can film on site. These spots will be filled by the first applicants on the list. Please send an email to us if you are interested in being on the show or need any additional information.

I hope you will enjoy the show and we look forward to hearing from you.

Best wishes
Francois & Erik


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