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All users of this site know this is a family friendly site, therefore keep all comments and post at a PG-13 level or lower. Those who violate this will be blocked. For those hard of hearing the plain language is no foul language especially F-Bombs, nudity, porn, etc. Keep all activity legal and ethical. Administrators have full authority to block and remove all violators.


All sales in the classified section are between the buyer and seller and this site holds no responsibility in the transaction. Remember that all firearms sales across a state line must go through a FFL dealer, and it is your responsibility to know your federal and local laws pertaining to all sales. The administration of this site is not responsible for any liability or issues relating to any post or comments. All members join and visit the site at your own risk. If you make a post or comment, you own that post or comment, and are the only one that is responsible for that post or comment.

All bullies and jerks will be dealt with as the administrators or moderators see fit without any appeal process.

If you cannot abide by these terms then remove yourself from the website.

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