The Wooly Mammoth roamed the earth between 30,000 and 10,000 years ago in what is present day Alaska and Siberia Russia. These grips and knife handles are a cross section of Wooly Mammoth tusk found in Alaska or Siberia.

Nighthawk Custom’s folding knife collection sees a variety of knives to add to your collection. The waiter’s knife features a 1.5” serrated stainless steel blade and a corkscrew and bottle opener, making this tool a must-have for any social occasion. The Nighthawk Custom logo is displayed on the bottle opener. The 3.25” folding knife features a Damascus blade with the Nighthawk Custom Moonhawk logo on the titanium housing while our 3” folder sports a stainless steel blade with the Nighthawk Custom logo laser engraved on it. All three knives prominently feature mammoth tusk ivory panels to make these truly unique pieces. Each knife is proudly built in the USA.